Lighten Your Workload With Illusso

Lighten Your Workload with Illusso

Stretched Too Thin?

Stretched too thin because of a smaller post-pandemic staff? Let Illusso do the job so you can get back to focusing on yours. Whether you are a DOSM in need of marketing help or a GM looking for task force support, our range of affordable, fully customized services has you covered. Our seasoned team of hospitality leaders can assist on a part-time or retainer basis until business returns and you decide your next step.

``It's more than just business. It's a personal commitment to succeed.``

Jennie Hoffman – Illusso President/CEO

The Support You Need When You Need It

We leverage best management practices and decades of expertise in luxury hospitality to identify areas where hotels can rebound and grow in this challenging economy. Our team is led by long-tenured industry leaders with an extensive network of travel professionals, corporate and entertainment contacts to create brand awareness and drive visibility in the U.S. market. Illusso services include Revenue Management, PR/Marketing, Social Media Management, Creative Design, Hospitality Consulting, Leadership Task Force, Service Culture Training, and Specialist Support in the TMC/ Luxury Leisure Travel, Entertainment, and Middle East markets.

Short or Long Term Assignments

Need a task force to get you through the pandemic?  Our consulting experts are well-recognized in the hospitality industry with extensive achievements. They assist hotels that need extra support in developing new, post-pandemic strategies to build back business and increase profits. Available for project assignments, the team is ready to jump in and help rebuild your business. Contact us today at [email protected] for more details on what our team can do for you.

Middle East Expertise

With a proven track record from more than a decade of 5-star hotel experience in the region, Illusso knows how to move the needle for Middle East business. In partnership with Saudi Arabia-based Genovic Boutiques, we connect you with hard-to-reach clientele including royal families, creating strategic plans that increase suite occupancy, ADR, and elevate brand awareness in both the U.S. and the Middle East markets. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

More On Illusso

Illusso is a bespoke hospitality solutions company for luxury independent hotels, designed to assist with brand awareness and visibility. We provide sales and marketing services to assist leadership needing extra support so they can work more efficiently and focus on sales and revenue generation. Our seasoned team has an extensive network of travel professionals to help drive results.

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